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Within Our Reservations


Glint of impish grin

Ancient humor living freely

Amidst old scattered clothes


Starving dogs…and children

Magic of the amorphis realms

Subtleties that escape

Stories that describe yet

So much more…

Not only do we forget to listen

But we have forgotten altogether

The power

That is

Visible in this cauldron of pain

Audible in the dreams

Of those who linger


For the outcome of our endless

Human story…

Dignity banished

Yet never conquered

The profundity of spiritual grace

Has never been lost

To the Lakota…

Leaders of the old ways

Remerge in our hearts

That we may learn

The joys

Of true human community

With unity

We gather, now…

To learn from your healing

We’re still reeling

From the brutality of

our ancestors polluted hearts

that plundered realities

lying buried under

our cultural whitewash…

See me, oh mother of us all

I stand here before you

In the river of your clear vision.

Wash us all

In the forward flowing current

into your healing graceful pool

of healthy human spirits

Anchored… by your heart

Of compassionate love.





Natural Villages


Solstice Shakedown
Sustainable Living Festival
June 21-24 2007



Natural Villages 2007 Building Sustainability Summer Camps Calendar




Mecomodo allies with Natural Villages. More news to come.


Natural Villages 2007 Building Sustainability Summer Camps Calendar


Wounded Knee Journal 2007

Lotsa cool photos

27 March 2007

3 June 2007


Solstice Workshop Slideshow


About Natural Villages

our personnel and their philosophies


Our Vision

everything touches everything else


Natural Villages Brochure

PDF document & JPG file


Natural Villages Slideshow

a powerpoint slide  show


Touch Our Progress

Leola One Feather's House

     Floor plan, roof plan

     2005 progress

     2006 progress


About Earth-based Homes

a Google page, based on

"cob house" inquiry. Using this search was the primary method by which we obtained photos of cob cottages for this site.


What does a cob house cost?

depends on lots of things


What, exactly, is a cob house?


What's a cob house worth?

look at appraised value, fotos of Snohomish, Washington, cob house


Johanna's Story

california woman finds irresistible lure in Lakota mud


Leola's Story

Lakota woman faces challenges a Solzhenitsyn character would find familiar


Financial Disclosure Page

2007 budget and income/expense


The Cobber Crew

mud up to their elbows and knees


The Arrogance of Ignorance

Excellent fact-filled piece about Pine Ridge


Public Radio "Marketplace" segment on Pine Ridge economic development

(broadcast 4 Dec. 2006)



Permitting ~ Codes ~ Zoning


Links to Sustainability Sites


Natural Villages Worldwide



What's the next step?

I've browsed the website. I agree with the Natural Villages vision. I would like to assist in the realization of these goals. How can I be more sure that Natural Villages is the place to put my resources?



We highly recommend

The Hand-Sculpted House.


   We can't think of another how-to-do-it book that makes one feel so good just to own it.

   Ianto, Michael and Linda not only provide step-by-step info on building a cob cottage, they make you want to build one. Intensely.

   Very good writing. Clear instructions. Inspirational prose.



Village Earth Pine Ridge Project

A worthy sister project. Site has much info about Pine Ridge Reservation.



Cob Cottage Company

Site has more pix than any we've seen. Many fotos on Natural Villages pages came from this site. Lots of info, too.





Preserving rainforests and

indigenous ways of life



independent bookseller and

greenbuilder business




The Cob Builders Handbook is the second book in do-it-yourself earth-based home builders' libraries.


Becky Bee is liberally credited in The Hand-Sculpted House with having developed some of the labor-saving efficiencies described by Ianto Evans in that book.



High Plains Wind Energy

solar, wind, or water conversion



Lakota History

Nice short piece on Lakota history from about 1630 to present. We don't vouch for its accuracy, but it seems about right to us. Lots of great pictures.





Foundation for the

Healing Force of the Amazon