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See diagrams of plans for Leola One Feather's house | 2005 progress on Leola's house | 2006 progress


Most of the photos on this page were shot just before the house was wrapped in tarp for the winter on Sept. 26, 2006.

Leola's house Leola's house is circular, 30 feet in diameter. You are looking into the east-facing doorway. 
See house plans 
Leola One Feather 
The Ti mi me la Ti yo spaye of Leola One Feather, social change activist and hereditary traditional medicine woman of the Wounded Knee District.
North side of west doorway began to lean, so we reconstructed it. (see pix at right)
Glenn (l) and Ethan Norris rebuild doorpost.
Roughing surface so it will bind to next layer of cob.
West side of south-facing doorway.
Same doorpost after some correction added at top left to thicken wall.
Mike Fire Thunder (l) and Glenn and Ethan building thickness on the wall.
Successive layers are built up.
Calvin White Butterfly inspects a lintel.
Blue Wood Films visits Leola's new house.
Jeremy Briggs and Matt Rankin visit with Leola.
Sonya slapped a lot of mud this summer.
Mike Fire Thunder mixes cob.
Shannon Freed
Beginning to add thickness to the bale-encased north wall
Pete Stands works on north wall.
The photos below were shot as we performed the last work this fall on the house. We dug a trench next to the foundation of the north wall. Then we filled it with rubble, and began building the support wall for the strawbale wall.
Mining urbanite north of Manderson
The beginnings of the north outside wall.

Urbanite in the trench. An outside wall will go straight up, providing strength and thermal mass.

Glenn Norris and Ethan Norris with Leola One Feather 

Special thanks to Glenn Norris, who built the solar shower stall for camping cobbers. Glenn may be respoinsible for the great throne in the camp's privy, too.

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