Our mission is to support individuals and groups in accomplishing the construction of earth-based homes surrounded by organic food production gardens in a manner that showcases this incredibly low-cost development process. The ancient method of building monolithic adobe homes that when well-maintained - can last for over 1,000 years has already been proved to be the simplest and most people-friendly method for housing communities. This method has now been adapted to our modern global cultures. Nature-rich settings that promote traditional bio-region appropriate landscapes will bring about the healing and recovery of our modern world.

Help us construct our sustainable future. This means restoring environments and cultures through low impact, low cost and totally natural sustainable community developments. Use earth-based construction methods to promote the end of poverty and homelessness. Learn this method for free by volunteering labor at a project currently in process.

Earthen homes are constructed around food production gardens and greenhouses. This is the most successful human development model from over 10,000 years ago and it has continuously been used rather joyfully in remote places on our planet.

We seek to provide this stable, life-affirming option for everyone who senses the value of living in true balance with nature, consciousness and communities of people we love deeply. We seek donations of trashed, damaged or any other land base where recovery into its natural wildlife and wild food producing condition can host earth homes as well. Help recover our landscapes and communities with safe, natural, beautiful low cost housing and free food from community shared labor.