Join this movement by:

  • Offering labor in exchange for education and training on current development projects
  • Donating to this cause (money, materials, seeds n starts, etc)
  • Promoting our programs and services
  • Canvassing door to door to collect donations and promote this natural recovery process (training required, this is a paid position)
  • Posting and networking through your favorite social media channels
  • Developing new projects so that more teaching can be provided
  • Staying in touch and communicating with our organizers and with new local projects
  • Showing up to provide labor in exchange for learning
  • Entering fairs and other appropriate sustainability events to host a booth that informs about our projects (training required, this is a paid position)
  • Locating land that is available for development using this approach
  • Helping coordinate student volunteers with current projects in need of labor
  • Searching for available lots and land base and connecting them to groups and individuals who are ready to begin development (ideal job for real estate agents)

~ All paid positions are funded by a generous percentage (10%) of donations generated and collected by the individual contractor providing the donation-generation service to our organization. All donors receive a Building With Earth handbook, and the ability to reduce their federal tax debt by the amount they donate to our cause (ie giving to us instead of the federal government). Limitations apply - please know your personal taxation requirements.