Interdependent with nature village communities have existed on every continent from our human beginnings. Earth based homes are known for their beauty, comfort, longevity and organic nature. Human technology has always used earth as human cultures evolved.

We promote technologies that focus on natural, toxin free sustainable food and lifestyle development processes that support the quality, comfort, stability and vibrancy of healthy community that has been inherent in human evolution from our beginnings. Reservation based communities within our native nations such as in Pine Ridge SD, are today in the best position to benefit from this process. Zoning laws for others will evolve with broad education about historic design safety realities.

Since minimal use of naturally occurring elements can be designed into earth and straw bale homes, costs are kept at a minimum, making food production development and village economy goals easier to achieve.

Today with the support of the internet, and global postal systems, there are no longer any barriers to success. Since much of our global landscape needs restoration; If potential villagers choose destroyed or polluted areas, using microbial and rhizome based intelligence and work to restore natural, wild native plants and animals historic to these current climates of our quickly changing regions, we support natural result restoration of the precious earth we stand upon. Broad scale, food focused natural mixes of local native region plants are the healthiest and most supportive of landscapes.

Natural Villages as a community will work to generate enough popularity through the inherent process of delivering educational information and connection that we can offer products and services to our global friends. With good land use reviews and the great natural technology of organic living that bridges our modern high technology taste for global connection, the interconnection seems obvious, and it’s success, a given.