Year: 2016

The Emergence of Natural Villages

Natural Villages is a group of sustainability activists dedicated to delivering legally built, surprisingly low cost sustainable housing. Utilizing the basics of earth building methods used the world over for a millennia - this group is placing the hand made house back into the hands of motivated sustainable lifestyle advocates.

Since their inception in 2006, Natural Villages has worked effectively on several projects in Native nations with the SEVA foundation, as well as generating close to $100,000 in donations through active Razoo pages for critical land protection projects and programs. They have supported the training and education of University of Santa Cruz student leaders utilizing retreat space at Wind Tree, a teaching community for sustainability advocates located in the Santa Cruz mountains of California.

Today Natural Villagers are seeking donations and grants to further outreach into rural and urban communities who seek the legal means to design truly sustainable lifestyles by training and teaching these integrated house and food-garden building processes.

Most citizens do not realize that local building and permitting laws and zoning regulations can be altered and even changed in a single voting cycle where the will and organization are at hand.

The website for the Natural Villages community is building itself into a hub for those seeking to change these permitting processes to better support truly sustainable lifestyles.… Read More!